This is the wisdom that vampires have used as a guide for thousands of years as they remained in Humanity’s shadows.

“The living are consumed with the prospect of dying, and therefore fear informs their existence. Our kind has no such concerns, and that is what we must dwell on so we can always feel alive.”

- Laski Weldon

“Wise are the ones who have seen what lies on the road ahead. But the wisest are those who can also look into your eyes and understand where you’ve been.”

- Keyes Youngson
“The living often declare the world has changed, but what remains the same is the changing faces of the living who utter those words.”

- Roland Elridge

‘The world changes, the living remains the same, and vampires will see both the world and the living through eyes forever open.”

- Roland Elridge

“Those riding the train do not see what those who stand at the station staring at the passing trains see,”

- Lehand Mast.

“Our kind. How are we defined?”
“Our kind are not defined by death.”
“Our existence is dependent on the living.”
“What must we do to justify taking the blood of the living so we may exist?”
“We must give back to the living at least what we take in return or we are a kind that should have embraced extinction when it was offered.”

- a Dialogue of affirmation traditionally spoken between two vampires, attributed to Glut Berwick and E. Bathory

“Those of our kind do not have much of an imagination.”

- Unknown

“Nothing is too small to escape notice, as long as it is moving,”

- Unknown

“One is a fool to argue with VC statistics.”

- Hedge Romone

“Those who fail to rise above the mistakes of the past, are simply animals behaving as predators or prey.”

- C.Q. Yarbaro