Messages from a VC (“Vampire Committee”) Representative to his “Fellow Shadows”


Greetings Fellow Shadows,

I write today with an enthusiasm that a region representative is rarely able to sincerely feel. It’s difficult to limit my emotions to just words, but I will make the effort.

First, join me in celebrating the two latest donation centers which began pumping out their first pints of blood yesterday -  CAC29 and CAC18!

Both donation centers, located in the Rakshasis region, were not expected to be online until later this month, but both facilities sent out juice two weeks ahead of schedule.

Help me give a round of applause for the tireless effort of Vivek Asharti, the commander of both CAC29 and CAC18!

Just another reminder that we are all in this together. Those who you trust with your existence could be standing next to you… or a hemisphere away!

Stay Hidden, Stay Silent, Stay Sui Generis!

Very sincerely yours,

Hamil Deane
vc member - davanzati region


Fellow Shadows,

I’m excited to update the latest on the STAY ALIVE! Care Packages which were dropped across the Uppyr and Vjesci regions last week.
I can sincerely attest to some guarded optimism regarding the entire SA! CP Operation and its goal in recruiting more blood donors.
Kudos to VC members Bernhardt, Lochner, and Dedio for their brilliant idea!

Over 20,000 care packages were dropped in the Vjesci region alone, with the following message attached to all the packages:

You don’t have to be an outlier to stay alive!
Join us in our effort to STOP THE BLOODSHED!
Review the included map and use the portable GPS…
And go to the nearest Donation Transport Station near you!
Simply wear one of the red shirts included in this package.
One of our Outreach Teams.will get you to a Donation Center.
You will be taken care of FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Included in this package are:
(2) Boxes of Bandages
(1) 8-ounce bottle of Disinfectant
(12) Sterilized Needles
(6) Needles with pre-loaded doses of Morphine
(6) 8-ounce bottles of Sanitized Water
(3) 8-ounce bottles of 97% proof alcohol
(2) 8-ounce bottles of 100% pure Orange Juice
(1) 16-ounce package of sugar
(2) 16-ounce bags of Beef Jerky.

 STAY ALIVE so we can find you and bring you into our care.
Let’s all STAY ALIVE on this planet TOGETHER!

The initial data on the SA! CP Operation has come in, and as I’ve already indicated, there is a reason to have guarded optimism. 19% of the SA! Care Packages have been moved from their initial drop points. In the last week, 37 living donors visited a Donor Transport Station; and 23 have survived long enough to contribute their first two pints at a Blood Donation Center.

I want to acknowledge those of you who have contacted my staff to strongly suggest that we enact the sonar-homing device located on all the SA! Care Packages and begin rounding up the recipients. I will honestly confess to not passing on to the other members of the VC any of your suggestions or objections concerning this operation. The justification for my lack of letting your views be known is because I firmly believe that this operation has just begun, and we must wait and see the results before concluding that it has not been a success. Furthermore, by activating the homing devices to zero in on all of those who have the care package would destroy donor trust and preclude any similar operation in the future.

At this time I simply ask for the patience of everyone who doubts the wisdom of this operation.

To the rest of you; thank you for your positive messages and encouragement!

Stay Hidden, Stay Silent, Stay Sui Generis!

Very sincerely yours,

Hamil Deane
vc member - davanzati region


Greetings Fellow Shadows,

“Challenges lie ahead for the living. Their sins will be brought out into the light, which will certainly have the potential to expose our passage through their lives.”

Those words were from my Mentor Linus Holson.

I have a special place in my heart for Linus, but my dear mentor was both… wrong… and right with his opinion so many years ago.

Certainly he was wrong about the timing. But who amongst us isn’t guilty of a similar miscalculation!

He made the above remark around 1801. All of you will surely agree that 1801 was the beginning of at least thirty years during which our existence can only be characterized as “salad days” amongst the living!

But dear Linus was not wrong about the challenges the living would face eventually… about 40 years later. Many will surely recall how the shadows cast by many of our favorites amongst the living were lost forever…

My mentor’s words came back to me as I reflected on the situation we all face at this present moment. I daresay, there may be those amongst us that have no idea what the word “now’ even means! I certainly hope that is not the case with the majority of us who realize that certain actions currently under discussion between the two factions would have an immediate impact on our existence.  

Something Bess Rampart said comes to mind, which I believe are words we should all reflect on in these coming days – “Time is not something at the forefront of our existence. But there are opportunities that none of us must lose sight of in our transcendence. I speak of ‘the moment’ when what is happening with the living is worth not only our attention, but our careful observation. If we are not aware of this single frame in time… what might be dismissed as just another crow’s peck on the stone, indeed could turn out to be the complete destruction of the rock.”

I will report back to you all, my faithful, after both wings meet to settle these delicate matters that divide us all.

Very sincerely yours,

Hamil Deane
vc member - davanzati region


Greetings Fellow Shadows,

I wish I was writing to you with more upbeat news, but I am seated on the VC only at the grace of those of you who believe in my will, and continue to support me through these troubling times.

An unfortunate turn of events has forced me to announce that negotiations between the so-called “red wing” and “black wing” factions have broken off.

At this moment, I would characterize the possibility that the two wings will resume talks and reach a compromise as more than doubtful.

Indeed, I will characterize the situation by repeating a word that someone on one of the wing factions used during a heated argument in the middle of negotiations…

The word is “floating.”

I must admit I felt very offended, at hearing the word spoken aloud, not only because of the context, but also because the speaker who uttered the word did so as if he was perfectly entitled to not only use the word to support his argument, but that he should feel comfortable in allowing the word to leave his lips in such a casual manner.

Simply put, there are those amongst our kind who believe that because we all share a similar existence, we all have had a similar experience. And that is simply not true.

At the expense of offending those who need not defend their knowledge of what the word actually means, I will lay down a few details of background for those who cannot claim such experience.

There was a time when travel between the different regions meant weeks of isolation on board a ship, which often forced the hand of a shadow who wanted to simply survive.

Killing one crew member of the ship could be hidden. The draining of two crew members might have gone unnoticed if it was cleverly handled, but the loss of blood from three members of a ship’s crew would, without exception (I’m drawing on the personal experience of four transatlantic, oceanic journeys), trigger a full-scale witch hunt from rudder to anchor.

Anyone who even looked like they had red in their cheeks would be keelhauled or receive twenty lashes before being set adrift.

“Floating” is the word those of us with personal experience came to use to signify the beastly survival tactics one must employ when forced to utilize the blood from the other “passengers” of the ship, who would not be missed.

None of those experiences are looked back with any pride. But it is we “floaters,” living off of the blood of rats, who have enabled many of you to be reading this at all. Forgive me for coming off as “old school,” but unless you’ve actually had rat hair stuck between your teeth, I do not believe you are qualified to use the word in any context, no matter how much you claim your policies will alleviate suffering amongst our kind.

Stay Hidden, Stay Silent, Stay Sui Generis!

Very sincerely yours,

Hamil Deane
vc member - davanzati region