Journal Entry of Ian Haynes

A Vampire currently assigned to CCC197 
Head of the Blood Donor Out Reach Program

I wish everything I wrote was more than just statistics.
But that’s what you become really great at after you’ve been turned.
No notes. No calculators.
You have a perfect recall of facts, figures, or events in a timeline.
In fact, a timeline is our specialty.
When all you do is… exist.
Remembering the dates, names, achievements, failures of the living is not a problem.
I’m like a computer that never needs to be rebooted.
Perhaps the best way for you to understand what I have become is to stay just with the stats.
There are over 221 “Blood” camps in “North America.”
210 in “Europe.”
Those working in “Asia” have got to be concerned. Only 43 camps so far.
The latest official line from the committee is that at least seven of those camps aren’t even extracting blood from donors because everyone they test flunks the most basic redlines.
And that’s the “Official Line!”
Yeah, right now I’d be thinking “eternity” is not so locked in if I was stationed in one of the blood camps in Asia.
According to Winston the “unofficial line” is everyone is scared shitless.
Of course no mea culpa, official or unofficial, from anyone on the committee about how they obviously miscalculated about setting up blood camps so close to where all the bombs went off.
We all saw the explosions: some of us on TV, others firsthand. What was the VC thinking? That there would still be people we could tap?
Here’s an idea; we should have made everyone on the committee who wasted resources building those camps be the first to get off on the radioactive juice.
I know Winston feels the same way.
He often talks derisively about the Second Seating. He refers to them as “VireArchII,” but to me, they’re all just part of the same “Vampire committee.”
“Watch what happens,” Winston said to me. It was just a couple weeks before we moved from the shadows to take over control of the world. “Politicians of the living will say anything to save their career; a vampire will promise anything to save his, and he has all of eternity to make good on his promise.”
But even Winston was shocked as we pored over the official worldwide estimates of the living. Clearly the VC had drastically underestimated how many would be left standing after the takeover, and I could detect a glint of paranoia in his eyes. This was a rare sight. Over all the years I’ve known him, Winston seldom allows his existence to be influenced by fear. His favorite quote from Laski Weldon – “The living are consumed with the prospect of dying, and therefore fear informs their existence. Our kind has no such concerns, and that is what we must dwell on so we can always feel alive.”
I have had the benefit of his wisdom for a relatively short period of time. And his depth of knowledge has been vital to my new life. His words are often chosen from those of our kind who he has shared the shadows with for nearly a thousand years. “Wise are the ones who have seen what lies on the road ahead. But the wisest are those who can also look into your eyes and understand where you’ve been.”
My master is one of the wisest of our kind. What Winston has taught me continues to inform all my actions, even if at times I don’t always understand what lies behind the long history that underlines each of the words.
I was not surprised when the committee requested that he serve as commander of the Coagulation Concentration Camp. CCC for short. All the Blood Camps have some sort of reference to blood in their official designation. It was probably meant to refute a myth about vampires – that they have no sense of humor.
However, to draw a complete picture of the situation, it should be mentioned that the official designation of the camp in any of the VireArchII rankings of the Blood Camps would report the camp as CCC197. The number attached to the camp letters was assigned based on the original population of the living it had enrolled when the donation center received its first prisoners.
Perhaps the myth of no humor amongst our kind first took flight as the living noticed our preoccupation with… details.
“Nothing is too small to escape notice, as long as it is moving,” is a common phrase amongst our kind.
You are alive.
We exist.
But if it does not move, it will escape our notice.
As it should.
My brethren speak of the distinct sound of the breaking of the skin of the living.
Then they subdivide their impressions depending on the age, race, and gender of those they feed on.
There are many subdivisions… within divisions… within categories, within general subject matter.
Embracing what I have become means discovering that the passage of time has changed.
After the discovery, the process of learning to deal with how time has changed is what one must embrace as well.
Winston recounted all the significant efforts of our kind who had ambitiously attempted to make the most of the one advantage that we have over the living. And though most of the stories lacked… a conclusion, all have become beacons for me as I walk this long path with the reassurance that others have gone before me.
I have found that my existence is best spent observing the world around me and then logging my findings.
What I eventually will do with these observations is not important.
Small observations. Statistics of course. Small deductions, if possible.
What is essential is to record them. Observe and record, and…
And that is all.
This existence mandate has evolved over time. And it is not something I have ever shared with my brethren.
Some would be appalled to hear of my efforts. What is the point? What is to be gained?
The answer to their veiled questions would probably only succeed in condemning me further in their eyes…
“What if I am indeed wasting my time on such pursuits? ‘Time’ is the only aspect of our lives where the cup runneth over.”